The school is very well equipped with laboratories to facilitate the studies of different subjects. The labs helps the students to have a better understanding on their studies and to learn how to practically do what they have learnt.

The school has labs for:

  • Computer

    Our computer lab is fully equipped with sufficient hardware and software. Computer Science is taught in classes Ito X in lieu of work experience. It is offered as an elective subject at the Senior Secondary level.

  • Physics

    Physics is a fundamental part of science. The most satisfying part of Physics is experimentation. Testing gives highest prospect for discovery. Our Physics Lab provides ample practical experience to our students.

  • Chemistry

    Science is widespread and has no precincts. To learn it successfully it must be experienced and if it is to be experienced it must be learnt by experimentation. The only place where the things can be experienced under controlled condition is the laboratory. In the Chemistry laboratory students learn the procedures of preparation, identification and estimation of chemical substances.

  • Biology

    A very hygienic and highly informative centre with modern facilities of experimentation.

  • Maths


The library plays a vital role in the formation of a student. It is a window that opens the mind of the student to the world. Therefore we highly encourage the students to make the best use of library. The students of classes IV – XII are members of the library. Membership cards are issued by the librarian in the month of June every year. The library and reading room will be open on all working days during the school hours.


Students of classes I & upwards can make use of the interactive class rooms while learning different subjects.


The school provides easy transportation facility for the students. The school buses that cover different routes and students can use the bus pass which is available from the school for using this facility. Transport facilities will be available with effect from the beginning of the school year subject to availability of accommodation.


Hostel facility is available for both boys and girls. The girls’ hostel is managed by the Sisters of Franciscan Clarist Congregation. The boys’ hostel is run under the supervision of Rev.Fr.Vicar of St.Joseph’s Church Choondacherry.