About Us


Sanjos Public School (SJPS) is located in a scenic and picturesque location at Choondacherry in the suburb of Bharananganam St.Alphonsa Pilgrim Centre. Such a location in a tranquil suburban area beside the Bharananganam – Pravithanam road provides an environment conducive to learning and achieving the academic and other aspirations of the student.

The school is just 100 meters from the prestigious St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, under the Diocese of Palai. The nearness to a professional college and the resulting interaction in various ways with the college have definitely an implicit influence on the students of Sanjos in striving for professional education and achievement in all fields.

Our endeavour is to enable the students to attain highest possible standards in every aspect of their personality through proper discipline, hard work and dedication and to empower them to successfully meet the challenges in their future life and career.

We are sure, our alumni will be among those who are destined to decide and direct the future of our noble and beloved country.

We are happy to welcome you to the Sanjos fold. You will be in a caring, inspiring and disciplined environment. We pledge to serve you with full dedication and commitment. We are equipped to provide you services of the highest quality and standards of excellence.